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Trustedpals & Schmutter Strull Fleisch for all your pet insurance needs

With a TrustedPals plan, you’ll get up to 100% back on vet bills, the full attention of our Pet Advisors (humans as dedicated as your own), and you can even pick your own vet. So you get on with having fun – without worrying about little trip-ups

Why Us

Why TrustedPals?

We’re here for all budgets

Select an annual limit, co-pay and deductible that works for you and your wallet.

Pick your

own vet

So long as they’re licensed in the USA, it doesn’t matter who you see for treatment.

Fast and easy claims

Make claims in 5 minutes or less using your laptop or phone. Simple!

We give back

We're pledging 1% of all profits to help pets left without homes after natural disasters.



Explore your dog insurance and cat insurance coverage

What's Covered


Accident and illness cover

We’ll help you get back on all four paws after scrapes, breaks, or dog days – and you can pick your favorite vet so you feel right at home. And unlike some other dog insurance and cat insurance plans, we don’t make you visit the vet for an exam before (or after) your human takes out your plan.

If you have a medical condition when you sign up (a pre-existing condition), you won’t be covered for it – but if your condition is fully cured, you’ll be covered if you pick up the same problem again. It doesn’t work that way with most pet insurance plans, and providers aren’t always so upfront about it!  Your human can learn more about our dog insurance and cat insurance plan here.



Trips to the vet

If you’re sick, or you’ve been hurt in an accident, we’ll pay for a vet to physically examine you and prescribe follow-on treatment or therapy.

Treatment at the vet

We’ll pay for a vet to diagnose and treat your illness or injury. This can include surgery, materials (for example, bandages, or cones to stop you scratching) and further treatments or medicines they prescribe.

Prescription medication

We’ll cover the cost of medicine your vet prescribes to help you recover and deal with pain.

Pet food and supplements

We’ll pay for special pet food and nutritional supplements which are prescribed by your vet.


Prescribed training and therapy

We’ll pay for behavioral training and therapies prescribed for you by your vet. Any training or therapy which isn’t prescribed by your vet isn’t covered. Your human can learn more about our dog insurance and cat insurance plan here.


Wellness plan

Routine and preventative care to help you feel fighting fit, every day. Our wellness plan gives you $750 over the course of each plan year to spend on this type of treatment.

We’ve listed a few different treatments below to give you an idea of what we’ll pay for, but so long as a licensed vet says it’s for "wellness" and it is prescribed, it’s covered.  Your human can learn more about our dog insurance and cat insurance wellness plan here.



Annual wellness exam

We’ll pay for a vet to give you a good once-over, once a year, for a general check-up on your health.

What's Not Covered


Conditions you already had

If you already had an illness or injury when your human bought your policy, that specific condition isn’t covered. You might hear us call it a pre-existing condition. But if you get fully cured, we won’t think of it as a pre-existing condition anymore. So it’ll be covered after that point. 


Anything not prescribed by a vet

We won’t cover the cost of any medicines or treatments which aren’t prescribed by a licensed vet - for example, dietary supplements your human picks out at the store for you (even if they’re recommended by a vet, but not prescribed for you).


Hip dysplasia in the first 12 months

This condition affects the "ball and socket" joint in your hips. It's not covered from the start of your plan, but if you show no signs of it in the first 12 months, you're covered if it becomes a problem later on (so long as there are no breaks in your cover). 


Cruciate ligament injuries in the first 12 months

Your cruciate ligaments are found in your knee joints. It's not covered from the start of your plan, but if you haven't got a problem with them during the first 12 months, you're covered if there's a problem later on (so long as there are no breaks in your cover). 


Boarding, grooming and transport


We like to hear you're well-rested and looking your best, but we won't cover these costs ourselves - even if you have our wellness plan. 

Costs that don't relate to vets

We won't pay for anything your human buys for you, like food or over-the-counter medicines. We also won't pay for copies of your medical records, waste disposal, licenses, tax, or anything else that doesn't directly relate to a vet's costs. 


Preventative Care

We'll only pay for vet care you need if you're injured or ill - unless you have our wellness plan, in which case we'll put $750 a year towards vet treatment to keep you fit and well, like deworming or nail trimming. 

How we stack up

Different pet insurance companies have different plans, so it’s not all about price. Some types of cover are more valuable than others – make sure you know exactly what you’re getting. 

We’re not afraid to show you how far ahead of the game we are in creating one of the best dog insurance and cat insurance programs. 

Our humans do their best to keep our comparison chart up-to-date, but they are human and dog insurance and cat insurance do change.  Our comparison illustration is only meant to summarize key features we feel your human may want to focus on.  Ask your human to email us if you spot something not right and make sure your human reads and does their own comparison of your pet insurance plan before deciding which is the best pet insurance program for you.


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